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  1.— Why didn’t you come to Mike’s birthday party yesterday?

  — Well, I ____, but I forgot it.

  A. should  B. must C. should have   D. must have

  选C。should have的后面省略了come。should have come表示“本应该而实际上没有”。

  2.A computer is so useful a machine ________ we can use everywhere.

  A. that   B. which  C. as  D. what

  选C。本题考查句子结构和关系代词的选用。首先表示认清句子结构,use后面应该接一个及物动词,先行词应该充当宾语,而前面出现so useful不能用that与which来修饰,可以排除。另外,what 不能引导定语从句。

  3. You are really very kind. I’ll never forget the      you have done to me.

  A. favour      B. deed

  C. help        D. good

  选A。本题主要是对词义及搭配的考查。favor的意思是“恩惠,善意的行为”。do sb. a favor或do a favor for sb. 的意思是“帮某人一个忙”,因此本题的正确答案选A。

  4. He arrived here at noon,      in the day, and he went out and came back      in the day.

  A. late; late      B. late; later

  C. later; late      D. later; later

  选C。later 为副词,意为“后来”,come back late “回来晚了”。

  5. ______ part that women _______ in society is great.

  A. The; play  B. A; take  C. A; play  D. The; take

  选A。词组paly… a part in(起……的作用)分开使用了。Part在这里是特指,由定语从句所修饰,所以用the。

  6. He’s unlucky, and he’s always suffering _____ luck one after another.

  A. a sick     B. an ill     C. sick     D. ill

  选D。 ill意为“生病”不可作定语;但意为“坏的,恶劣的”可作定语,在此修饰不可数名词luck。

  7. ---Why did you put the wood near the fire? It’s dangerous.

  ---Don’t worry. Wet wood won’t _______.

  A. burnt  B. be burnt  C. be burning  D. burn

  选D。容易选B。本题考查动词的主动形式表示被动含义的用法。Burn可以用主动形式表示被动意义。类似的动词还有read, write, sell, open等。

  8. Mother made a promise ____ I passed the college entrance examination she would buy me a mobile phone.

  A. that   B. if that   C. that if   D. that whether

  选C。 名词promise后是同位语从句,用that引导;if引导条件状语从句。

  9.Everything depends on ________ we have enough time.

  A. that  B. how  C. if  D. whether


  10.Personally I think it is the sales manager, rather than the sales girls, _______ to blame.

  A. is  B. that is  C. are  D. who are

  选B。rather than与the sales girls形成比较结构,去掉rather than the sales girl旧可以看出宾语从句实际上是一个强调句,被强调的部分是宾语从句中的主语the sales manager,后面的rather than the sales girls也对句子谓语动词形式的选择形成了一定的干扰。考虑到主谓一致的原则,应该选B。