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Podium international is a brand dedicated to showcasing the beauty, culture, heritage and creativity of Africa to the world.

Podium was founded in 2006.

It began as television programme that aired every Sunday on Ben Television on the Sky platform in the UK.

Podium became a household name in no time and blossomed into a multi media outfit with many strong branches, such as Podium International magazine that is both entertaining, educating and mentally engaging.

There's also Podium Recognition Awards which is hosted annually to honour great African innovators and also our Immaculate event planning bringing your dream events to life.

Now in 2017 we bring forth another addition to the Podium brand, Podium Radio.
We hope to entertain, educate and empower Africans both home and away through this platform.

Feel free to download our app both on android play store and apple iOS apps store.
We hope you'd enjoy being part of this big family on the go with out engaging Talk show hosts with vast experience.